Friday, July 18, 2008


I finished up some work on the farm yesterday and decided to try to get some small blues for dinner. It worked. They were in the same little spot where they've shown up for years now. A little yo-zuri swimmer at high speed retrieve brought a couple to the boat in a couple of minutes. A rush home to get them cooked up for the kids. A grand success.

Jonah crabs also have been keeping us happy this week. Thanks Steve.

A couple of days ago I hooked into some midday bass in a rip. They were good on the white sluggo. My attempt to liveline a bunker ended up with mixed results. A bunch of hits at one spot, then a definite hookup at another spot but it threw the hook after ten seconds. Fun.

More soon.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Lapses

It is not like I am not fishing, I am simply not fishing as much and focusing on oysters, reading, writing, and various aspects of private business (like being a scientist and figuring out ways to make more flipping mud for clams and such).

The fish are around now. And so are the people. July 4th weekend, or week, made the bay rough with wakes and traffic. I chose not to even think about fishing and instead focused on shellfish. My scallops are coming along nicely and the baby oysters are cruising and things are going as planned. My farming partner, Alex, and I are working hard to establish the 2008 seed as our best yet. And everything seems great.

But the fishing is beginning to burn a hole in me. Joel and I just got off the phone and it seems that if we don't get some things in the works soon we may lose opportunity. Obviously, I can fish at will here on the coast and I have to try to make myself get up and face the crowds here and there.

I think that we're at the turning point in the summer: things are about to pick up.

All for now.